Sunday, January 23

Hello readers!

As you can see, I changed up the look of my blog! I wanted something a little more soothing, and I think that goal has been accomplished. Since I'm new at this, I'd love any feedback you all have to offer! Especially on my posts. There are a few ways you can do this: commenting, messaging me, or, I've added an even more convenient way! Simply check off one of the boxes that follows the post you read in the "What do you think" section. This way, I can track what you all would like to see more/less of.

It's always great to hear that people are enjoying what I've posted, and I love that I've inspired some to do more projects! Here's a picture of the flower pens my friend Mary made after reading my post on them. Aren't they gorgeous!

Anytime you all do a project that was inspired by one of my posts, please send a pic to me! And if you ever have questions, or something you'd like to see me work on, please let me know. Hope you all kick off the week strong, and thanks for reading!

Coming up this week...
Create a customized sign for your home!


  1. I love your blog, always read it. Makes me want to have one. Love you!


  2. You should start one! I'd definitely subscribe. Love you too!