Tuesday, January 11

Hot Glue Art?

Ok. Turns out hot glue is much harder to work with than I thought. I've used it before, but never without a base of some kind for it to latch on to! I figured I'd need a frame, so I found a broken one that I didn't mind experimenting with and took out the glass. It was really a whole debacle of trials and errors that resulted in a piece that I'm not very excited about. But practice makes, well, at least somewhat better!

Initially I just draped strings of hot glue to the sides, kind of like a spider web construction without the main strands that actually offer the support, ha.

Didn't work so well. It was a good first attempt in that it taught me that hot glue re-melts the cooled glue strands (duh, right?) and the glue strands have an elasticity of about 2 inches that will hang without the weight dragging down the whole strand.

This was the final result.

It's actually not that bad, and really looks a lot better when you're face to face with it. The hot glue is extremely delicate and reflects the light beautifully so that it sparkles. I'm not very happy with my first hot glue project result, but I am interested in trying it out again and hopefully improving the results! At the very least, I have a cool Halloween decoration.
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I think I need to get a better camera... Oh well, work with what you have and work for better, I guess. =)

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