Sunday, April 24

Happy Easter!

Can you believe it's Easter already?? I sure can't... it means that I've officially entered what has been dubbed "Birthday Week." I'm not sure what it is about late July/early August that is so tantalizing, but come late April, there are A LOT of birthdays around here! Growing up, this time of year was filled with cupcakes and class parties. Four other people shared my birthday (the 28th!) in my graduating class alone, not to mention the several others who had birthdays within a week of that! It was kind of an awesome thing to celebrate all together and I wouldn't trade my birthday for a "rarer" one (do "rare" birthdays exist? I believe laws of probability would say "no"). What I love about so many birthdays being close together means more people are celebrating and enjoying themselves during that time. Hands-down, the best birthdays were those celebrated out in Colorado. This is because "birthday week" became exactly that - a week long celebration of several birthdays with my roommates. One on the 24th (Happy Birthday Julianne!!), another on the 26th (Happy early Birthday Mandy!), and mine on the 28th. It. Was. Awesome. I miss my birthday week buddies...

Like I said, I can't believe it's Easter - and Birthday Week - already! I did exactly one thing to prepare for Easter: Glitter eggs. Yup. Found a kit at Meijer for GLITTER EGGS! Do you know how excited I was to see these?? Actually, I'm pretty sure that I made no outward sign of excitement. It was just that I saw the kit, and within two seconds it was in my hand. Not in the cart - in my hand. And the eggs are so beautiful! I highly recommend this kit to anyone who enjoys sparkles, but not to those who dislike glitter's "automatically-and-permanently-attached-to-everything" attribute.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and that your Spring is a little less soggy than mine! Seriously, I know the adage "April showers bring May flowers," but I really wasn't expecting THIS many showers - AND SNOW! Oi. I'll just cling to the hope that May will be full of beautiful blooms, and then *sigh* sweet, sweet summertime... Can't wait! 


  1. The eggs are beautiful, but glitter is the herpes of craft supplies. I mistakenly busted out glitter for Emma's homemade valentines, I am still finding it places. Ugh.

  2. Haha, it will forever be a part of your life.