Thursday, October 13

Pimp My Ride

Photo by Piel de Metal
Have you ever looked at something and been blown away by how much time it must have taken? I'm a person who thinks of a project and knocks it out as quickly as possible. Too much time spent equals a bored Jessie and an unfinished project. Therefore, I admire anyone who devotes weeks, let alone months, of time on one project. Now, in this case, I'm not talking about a painting, or a dress, or a sculpture. Let's talk about something so complex that just thinking about doing this project makes my back hurt! Applying tiny beads to the surface of a VW Bug. Yup. What?! I know, I was baffled as well. 

The Wixaritari of Mexico are known for this kid of artwork (well, maybe not so much including the car). Traditionally, they create intricate patterns by placing individual beads into beeswax to cover the surface of bowls, plates, etc. This lovely little number, El Vochol, uses a more resilient resin and a whopping  2,277,000 beads. That's A LOT of beads! Two Wixaritari families spent seven months creating the peyote-trip inspired artwork, and it was worth every single bead.

El Vochol was commissioned by the Association of Friends of Museo of Arte Popular in Mexico City (whew! That's a mouthful!) as part of an effort to show off Mexico's traditional arts and artisans to the global community. "The project took on a greater message to the world: indigenous work is not to be forgotten, and in fact, celebrated." (Maria Gracia-Vasquez) Well, I'm going to jump out and say that this is definitely a success! 

The decked out VW Bug is starting on it's global tour this Fall, and will be swinging around to the Smithsonian next year! I'm inspired to grab some beeswax and seed beads to try out this art! But just so my impatient crafter doesn't get too restless, I think I'll start with a coaster. 

To read more about this fantastic artwork, check out the full article here, or check out the embedded YouTube video.

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  1. That's a very colorful car. That's the real definition of a "pimped" ride! That work of art probably took a lot of time to finish. It would surely grab everyone's attention when on the road.