Saturday, November 12

Book feature!!

I am SO excited. Correction: I am BEYOND excited!!!! Awhile back, I was approached by a lovely lady from California who wanted to feature my art in her new book. My answer was OF COURSE! And we jumped right into piecing together the segment. And now the book has been released! I just ordered my copy and will give a full dish on the feature once I've read through it. I can't wait! 

Sonja Landis, the author and also artist behind The Painted Laugh (see previous blog post here), has such a witty sense of humor and the writing style reflects that perfectly! I mean, just look at the cover (to the left). Awesomeness. This is the description listed on the page: "A book about Real Life, Real Business, and Real Money. A book about Entrepreneurship in the New Economy. A book to inspire you to greatness, and make you laugh. A LOT! A book about Personal Development with a side of Creativity, Awesome-sauce... ("I put that sh*t on everything!"), delivered Stand-Up-Comedy-Style.... Caution: I cuss. In my book. Often. I also encourage drinking and provide several amazing Sangria recipes. How's THAT for a Business Book YOU want to read!?!?" Yup, I love it. 

The book is also available as an e-book for the tech-savvy and/or environmentally conscious types, and you can get all the dish on what the book is about and how to purchase it by checking out the book site here! Woohoo!!

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