Wednesday, December 22

The start...

I can't even tell you how many times I've started a blog. Recently, I found and cancelled one from over 7 years ago! It had maybe three posts. So now I'm starting a blog about something I actually care about - CREATIVITY! Art, music, inspirations, songwriting, exhibits, artists, etc. Basically, this blog is to organize all of the random creative tidbits I stumble across or think up at random, typically inconvenient, times. Let's get starters, shall we?

I was working on a painting for my uncles today and started thinking that I really should work more often with other mediums of art. My all time favorite material to work with is hot glue. That stuff is amazing! The texture, delicate appearance, and fast drying time is perfect for me. I'm rather impatient with things drying. That's why I use acrylics.

After thinking about it some more, I decided that I want to create a web-like design with hot glue and string. And also another project (perhaps with a picture frame and glass?) that uses hot glue to simulate dripping raid on a pane of glass. I like it.

It hit me that other artists have had to have had these ideas as well, so I googled "hot glue art" and came across an EXTrAORDiARY artist. Her name is Esma Pacal Turam and her work is magnificent. She made a chandelier out of hot glue! Stunning. Here are some shots of her amazing work with hot glue:

"Neighbours' Lamp"

"Neighbours' Laundry"

So cool, eh? I'm not sure my work will be nearly as elaborate as her's, but it'll be fun to play with! Whenever I get around to this project (after the new year, I'm sure) I'll post the results. After all, that's why I created the blog!

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  1. Oh gosh...first post and I've already failed in proofreading. I meant "let's get started," not "starters." And I'd like to depict RAIN dripping down glass, not raid. I don't even know what that would look like.