Thursday, December 23

Hanging Lamp

After a frustrating morning battling a portable drive (how is it that by following the step-by-step prompts, my drive is no longer recognizable by either Mac or PC??), I've decided to calm down by blogging! The portable drive stuff will be resolved, so I may as well just let it go.

One of the things I am excited about right now is that in a few weeks I'll be starting my internship at a local design firm! While pulling together my portfolio, I realized how many projects I have around the house and figured it'd be cool to share them with people, and maybe give out a little inspiration! This will kind of be an ongoing series of functional and oh-so-easy art.

We'll start with a hanging lamp I made...

- 3/8" dowel rods
- hot glue (of course...)
- ribbon
- acrylic paint
- hanging light cord from IKEA
- light bulb

This was originally a project for my 3D design class. The goal was to create a cube within a sphere with as much open space as possible. Or something like that. (It was awhile ago.) After completing the project, I realized that it was really cool looking, and didn't want to set aside collecting dust or going in the trash. So, I painted the dowels blue, strung brown ribbon to emphasize the cube, attached it to the hanging light, and voila! It's currently hanging next to my bed and it casts the most amazing shadows while providing the perfect amount of light to read by.

I'm thinking about creating more of these lamps and possibly selling them? But, that would require time that I am incredibly short on! It wasn't too in depth of a project, so creating more is definitely feasible. Any thoughts?

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