Sunday, March 20


Let me start by saying that I LOVE photography. Not the actual snapping of the photos (I just point-and-shoot my cheap digital camera), but looking at the pieces of the world that others have captured. I went over to one of my friends' (and talented photographer's) house yesterday to look at some wedding pictures and she got some amazing shots! The bride (another of my friends) is really, really happy with how everything turned out. I'm going to snag some copies of the prints for myself, and then I'll post a pic of how the bouquets I made turned out in the wedding! But here's a quick preview:
Photo by Christina Eagan, visit her site here!
See the boutonniere?? I made that! 
The quality isn't as high in here because I just copied the photo from Facebook, but you get the general idea. The wedding turned out so amazing, everyone did such a great job of pulling together in less than a week! So happy for them.  =)

Anyway, looking through the photos made me all warm and fuzzy knowing how powerful photography is. Through pictures, we can experience the best days of our lives over and over again. Or, we can see things that we would otherwise probably never see...

Like the surface of a planet:
Jupiter's Great Red Spot. Photo courtesy of

Or what a bubble looks like when it's popping:
Photo courtesy of
Yup, that's a scuba diver swimming over an underwater river. This planet is amazing.
Photo courtesy of
But the real beauty of photography is that it captures what's already there. It takes a still frame of a moment in the world and makes it forever accessible to reflection by anyone who sees it. Beautiful. So whether you're a professional, hobby, or point-and-shoot photographer, keep snapping up every moment you can, because every moment and scene is precious! 

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