Wednesday, June 8

Inspiration from a fellow blogger...

While checking the updates to the blogs I follow, I read a post by Smudge Animation that really stuck a chord with how my life is going right now. Starting my own business, while still having several other jobs to fund said business, has taken up a LOT of my time. The areas in my life that were once dedicated to calming my thoughts and recharging are now devoted to meeting deadlines and growing my business. I've noticed my creative juices are not flowing as well as they have, and this post reminded me that it's time to make artistic experimentation a priority again. 

Following are a few excerpts from the Smudge's blog:

"Something that I have found which is sorely lacking in professional life is the opportunity to experiment. Back in college, we had the opportunity to spend hours in the labs tinkering with our own ideas and projects. The sky was the limit because we didn't have the pressure of client-imposed deadlines or an employer breathing down our neck... 
But when you're on the job, you're expected to always know the correct answer at a moment's notice since 'you' are the expert. That expectation may or may not be realistic. While we should always continue learning about our career choice, the opportunities to continue learning and experimenting aren't always available... 
As time marches on, I am coming to the conclusion that if I want to progress both as an artist/animator and in my career, I cannot neglect the importance of experimentation."

To read the full blog, click here.

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