Sunday, June 19

Mural, mural, on the wall...

Hello there! I just finished a mural for Gear Up College Day Camp at MSU and have to show it off. This thing was the 2nd largest mural I've done (largest being 12' x 7') and the beach scene was a blast to do. It's for a luau party, so I thought, "What better than a beach sunset?" I absolutely love painting sunsets. They're are quite possibly the most amazing moment of my day. Living on a body of water makes it even more magical, although the Rocky Mountains have breathtaking sunsets as well (though I prefer the sunrises in Colorado).

This was my first mural. I designed it while on a missions trip in Gulkana, Alaska. Everyone pitched in with painting it and the villagers loved it! This was the bus stop for the village children, and was just a plain shed before we got our hands on it!

Just after I moved back from Colorado, I had the opportunity to paint several murals in a residence. Here's one of them:

And now, to the most recent! I was so excited when my friend asked me to do a backdrop/mural for the program she works in. Gear Up is such a great program, and the people are wonderful! I had the chance to go to hang out with them this past weekend and we all had so much fun! Without further adieu, here it is - the progression of a mural!


The kids I babysit for - they LOVED it!
Painting is such a release for me - especially large scale paintings. And I definitely needed that stress-reducer after the past few, well, months. But an even better way to calm down, regroup, and reload? VACATION!! I'm leaving tomorrow on a road trip for one of my best friends' wedding in Montana! Justin and I are driving out and will arrive on Wednesday. I can't wait to see everyone! And it's in Kalispell, aka: Glacier National Park! I bet there will be some pretty awesome sunsets to inspire me. =)

Quick update for those who are waiting for my Etsy site to launch: I'll be posting everything at the beginning of July. Since I'll be gone for a week and a half, I'd rather not put up the shop and then make any orders wait until I return. So it will be up there soon and thanks for your patience! "See" you all soon!

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