Wednesday, July 27

Smiles to The Painted Laugh!

A few days ago I was contacted by someone in San Diego regarding my art. I won't divulge the details (it'll be a surprise!) but I am so excited about her work! Sonja is an extremely talented artist whose work has been featured in OK magazine, San Diego Home and Garden, and The Luxury Spot Magazine - just to name a few! I've been exploring the website (which you can also do right here!) and am absolutely in love with what Sonja does. I can't wait to see her artwork live when it's featured at the Grand Rapids' Art Walk! Her work will be located in the b.o.b.!

What does every parent love more than anything in the world? Their child! And nothing is more precious than a child's laughter. It's hilarious, adorable, infectious, and pure joy. The concept behind this art is to take that beautiful laugh, and turn it into beautiful art. I love the way she translates the sound waves into brush patterns and the use of color!

As soon as I have a little one, this is definitely something I'll be looking to do! Hopefully Sonja's still doing this when that time comes (a few years out still). Here's one of my favorite pieces, but you can see more of her work at and request a Push Button Recorder by clicking the button below to start progress on your custom piece!


  1. I would enjoy seeing a Facebook page for your art... where you post links when you update your blog or etsy shop. :D

  2. Hmmm... I think I'll make that right now! Thanks for the great idea! =)