Friday, October 7


Ladies and gents, I love looking at all the great pieces that others are making with their crayon art, but I am ashamed of artists who steal photography. If you ever come across someone who's stolen another artists photos, please report them - especially on Etsy! It's not fair to falsify your product to the buyers, nor is it fair to the original artist. 

I want to thank the fellow Etsian, thekyladesign, who noticed another "seller" who had stolen my photography for one of my pieces, Rainbow Falls. Etsy has been notified and hopefully the "seller" straightens up her act! Here's the link to her shop. I'm nervous that the tie-dye she's selling is also a photo she stole, so if you find it somewhere else on Etsy, please report the seller directly to Etsy with a link to the original artist's work. 

As I wrote to the owner of Change of Heart (who stole my photography), "Etsy is a site for honest, hardworking artists who respect one another." Anyone who isn't begin honest, or isn't respecting other artists' work should not be a part of that network. I understand that there are always going to be people who are only after their own gain, which is sad. Artists are especially subject to being copied, having their styles copied, and overrun by others with ambition for money. This is why artists need to stick together and look out for one another! 

I've reported the seller to Etsy and am not sure what the result will be since they will not keep my updated on the results of my reporting of the seller. I also sent the seller a message asking her to use her own photography. We'll see what happens… so if the following links don't work, that's a good sign! Here's the link to her shop, ChangeOfHeart, and here's the item using my photography, listed on September 25th. Now, here's the link to my item which had sold on July 18th of this year. Yup, they're the same. Not just one of the photos for this item, but BOTH! Grrr... just makes me upset. 

Well, thanks for listening to my vent. On a brighter note, this is looking to be one of the most beautiful Fall weekends in Michigan ever! I can't wait to be spending time with my boyfriend's family up north and to see all the lovely Fall foliage. I hope you all enjoy your weekend!


  1. you should purchase something from her shop so that you can leave negative feedback....that way her future customers will know that she is not completely honest...
    from a random reader, fellow etsy-er

  2. Bridget, that is a great idea! Hmmm... I may have to consider this...