Friday, December 24

Craig Mitchell Smith

Has Christmas snuck up wayyyy too fast for anyone else this year? I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve! I suppose it'd be lovely to post a festive project that I've done, but instead I want to promote a local glass artist who is extremely talented and passionate. His name is Craig Mitchell Smith and he has a gorgeous gallery in the Meridian Mall in Okemos. Imagine how happy I was to be strolling through the mall and stumble across an art gallery!! It was amazing.

The reason I'm choosing to talk about this particular artist today is because he created an ornament for the national Christmas tree this year! It's a beautiful red cardinal set in a snowflake. So pretty!

Not only is Craig Mitchell Smith an amazing artist, but he's also a huge supporter of other local artists. So much so that in the back of his gallery, he has eight mini-galleries, each dedicated to a different artist from the area. But what I love most about his gallery is that he has a workshop out in the open for everyone to see. Being able to view the artist at work brings a whole new appreciation for art, and it seems like he's always there to talk to people about his art. Each piece has a story, and you can't help but get wrapped up in Craig's enthusiasm.

Here are few more pieces of his, and I highly encourage everyone to peruse the gallery. His work truly is beautiful!

"Leaping Lena"

"Tuesday's Child"

"Jellyfish Dreams in Blue"

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