Sunday, December 26


This has officially been the best Christmas I've had since I reached the double-digits! By far, my favorite gift was one my clever boyfriend thought of and is something that can be gifted any time of the year...

An oyster!! And I actually got three of them. Why am I sooooooooo excited? Because inside each oyster was a beautiful pearl! This gift is great because it turns into an entire experience for everyone involved.

He ordered them from the website and they came in a can.

You open the can, then rinse off the oyster, then (not over a sink for safety reasons!) open the oyster and remove the pearl.

I've always wanted a pearl ring, so I'm hoping to find a ring setting that holds three pearls. These particular ones are around 4-5mm, so they'd be perfect in a ring cluster! If not, I've found some feat double pearl settings and then I can do a necklace. Im also playing with the idea of making my own setting since I've never really dove into jewelry making... Though that could be slightly dangerous... Oh well, either way, I'm still SO excited!! =)

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