Saturday, January 1


Happy New Year!! I'm REALLY excited about this year, and I think it's because I'm finally doing what I love and fulfilling my need to create. To keep my creativity going, I have one resolution in particular that I'd like to share and use this blog to keep me accountable:

I want to complete at least one creative project each week. Even if it's as simple as a scrapbook page or as big as a game wheel (like the one completed for Jammin' DJ's last night!). Just something each week. If I go too long without completing something, I lose confidence in myself and get slightly depressed which doesn't help motivate me. Some people work well with the whole tortured artist thing, but I definitely do not!

So there it is. I'll post pics of the completed game wheel once I load up the pics from last night. Not to brag, but it's pretty great! =)

Wishing everyone a happy and memorable 2011!

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