Tuesday, January 4

Game Wheel

This project is probably the one I am most proud of, and it was definitely the most challenging. As a solution to the hassle of starting some bar games, I created this game wheel for Jammin' DJ's. Entering into the project, I knew it would be time consuming and would require a lot of attention to detail, but I was really excited! I immediately started construction on the 3' diameter wheel that stands just over 6' when mounted on the base. One of the most difficult aspects was designing it all in a way that was collapsible so it could be transported to various bars. It's in 3 separate pieces: the base, post, and wheel. Thank goodness I have a mom who's great with woodwork, otherwise it would not have turned out as awesome as it did!

The most exciting part is the wheel's face. There are 8 sections, each denoting either a game or action the spinner has to do. There's song (pick next song), hula (hula hooping), airplane (paper airplane contest), rock paper scissors, ping ping (shoot ping pong balls into a container), flip cup, bartender's choice and trivia.

We revealed the wheel last night for New Years Eve at Reno's East and it was a big hit! Unfortunately, a disgruntled man who was being kicked out took out some frustration on the wheel and broke off three of the pegs. Those are the easiest things to fix, so it could have been worse! The wheel will mainly be at one of the Reno's (typically East), so you should check it out if you can and put your name in to play!

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