Saturday, January 8

Crayon Art

I have successfully kept my resolution for one week! Yay! Only 51 more to go...
For this week's project, I decided to do another melted crayon artwork. My boyfriend and I created one of these artworks awhile ago and it's currently displayed in our apartment, and I used a segment of it for the banner on this blog!

This project is SUPER easy to do and I'll outline the steps on here for anyone who'd like to try it for themselves.

Gather you supplies:
Hair dryer
Board or firm canvas
Hot glue or superglue

The first step is to arrange the crayons in the order you'd like. I really love the way a rainbow type organization blends the colors. You csnt realy go wrong with it, but my friends tried this out and did some cool arrangements too (as pictured at the end of the blog).

Once you've decided what order you'd like the crayons in, glue them in place. It's best to glue down 2 or 3 crayons at a time so you can adjust the alignment if needed and the glue doesn't dry before you get the crayons on.

Now, you're free to heat p the crayons with the blow dryer! This can get messy, so lay down a tarp and wear clothes you don't mind getting crayon on. It takes a minute for the crayons to melt. I like to work in sections until the color flows are the way I like them.

It's so amazing watching the colors pour out of the crayon wrappers and blending together.

Since I promised to create six homemade items for six different people, I figured this would be an awesome creation to gift! I still need to spray a protective layer on it and probably frame it, but I love how this turned out!

Here are some other crayon artworks that my friends (more like family really) created after Justin and I told them how we created our piece. I think they did a great job! They actually removed the wrappers from the crayons, and the radial design is one I think I'll attempt next!

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  1. So pretty what do you use for your protective layer?

  2. Thanks! I use a spray lacquer, but lately it's been giving me a bit of trouble. =/

  3. I love your work and would love to try some of these myself... I'm not sure what kind of canvas to use.. do you have any ideas? thanks!