Wednesday, October 5

Much Delayed Recap

I can't believe how much time has passed! We're already five days into October and it seems like I completely missed August & September. Yup, it's been that busy! The most exciting thing that has happened last month was the craft show at Uncle John's 
Cider Mill. 

It was a complete success! I set my weekend sales goal at $250 to cover my expenses, and halfway through the first day, mission accomplished! My favorite part of the show was watching everyone who walked by smile when they saw my artwork. That alone was pretty much worth doing the whole show. 

This piece was a BIG hit with the crowd - I can't wait to make more pieces like it. At the show I even met a metalworker who said he and his wife would be able to custom-cut any shape I'd like. I'm going to send over designs for butterflies, stars, ladybugs, and whatever else I think would be neat to incorporate. Then I'll hand paint the cut outs. So exciting! =)

Right now I'm battling the Fall weather that's seriously hurting my lacquering of 4 custom pieces that I'm hoping to ship out this week. Drastic temperature changes are not a big help! Hope you all are having better luck with your ventures!

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